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Modern google with contrast enhancing technology for medium size faces.

The INFINITY TVT combines on-the-button styling with maximum eye protection in a mid size lens. The cylindrical construction mirrored double lens offers supreme UV protective and anti-fogging as well as a superior field of vision. Add to this supreme comfort, our new contrast enhancing and scratch resistant TVT lens technology plus top face fit and hold and you have a goggle that stays clear in all conditions.


  • TVT is a contrast enhacing technology for variable weather conditions. TVT lenses are also highly catch resistant.
  • The Cylindrical Lens is a flat lens with a single lateral curve that provides a superior field of vision. It also looks great!
  • UV400 & Anti Fog refers to the intense UV protective qualities of HEAD lenses and their ability to minimise fogging. The light on the mountain is intense so you need the best protection possible as well as anti-fogging qualities to maintain the best visibility.
  • The Framelens is a sub-frame construction that holds the lens that can be changed using the Speed Snap System. This allows for far and easy lens changing.
  • Comfort Foam with Microfleece is a single density foam that regulates a goggles inner climate, cushions and provides the perfect skin to goggle interface.
  • The Silicone Layer provides added grip between a goggle strap and on-mountain headwear. From helmets to beanies the Silicone Layer keeps goggles in place.
  • Interchangeable Lenses means that they can be changed to suit light conditions or when damaged. This increases the longevity of a goggle frame and allows for flexibility.
  • Compatible with HEAD helmets




As riders we also know that having a clear, crisp picture of our surrounds is paramount to having a good day on the hill. Trans Vision Technology TVT introduces two brand new colour coatings that are applied internally to our goggles. These lenses not only deliver outstanding contrast in all light conditions, adding confidence to a riders performance, but also make goggles less prone to scratching and more durable. Check out our GLOBE and HORIZON series goggles for better vision that lasts longer. Let us help you make your riding better this season by experiencing Head’s commitment to progression first-hand.


The red lens tint is the perfect choice when the action is on.

Red lenses help to focus on the essentials when in action. The red lens tint mainly blocks the blue frequencies of the visible light spectrum, focusing on the yellow and red spectral areas. In snowy surroundings, this is resulting in an increased perception of contrast.

LENS: TVT red: S2, VLT 21%


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