Yes! Even You Can Be a Runner

Running Guide 2018. Start running with Garmin.


There are many reasons why individuals decide that they want to become a runner. It all begins with the desire to get fit and healthy.


The first thing you are going to want to do is make sure your health is going to permit you to enter into this type of activity. Visit your local medical centre for a checkup. Tell your health care provider that you are planning to start running.


Next you need to assess your fitness level. Let’s be honest, if you aren’t fit and haven’t trained, it’s very unlikely you will complete a marathon. It takes strength and stamina to run. Determine what exercises you can do to help build up both of these for you on your personal level.


Ponder over the reason you decided that you wanted to start running. It may be that you have been inspired to enter your first long distance event. You may want to run for the health benefits. Perhaps you are including running as part of your weight loss regime. You might even want to get into running for the social benefits. No matter what your reason is, determine what your goal is and build towards it.


If you are sporadic about your running then it is going to take you longer to reach your goal. You need to devise a plan that should include when you are going to run. How long for each segment and anything else you need to do to help you develop your running ability.


No matter what activity one enters into there is at least some type of equipment that may be needed.  For runners one of the most valuable items they can have is a GPS running watch like the Garmin 735xt. This device is going to provide you with a lot of information to help you track your progress and let you know where you are at for reaching your goals. Combine this with the right attire and you are set to achieve many miles.


If you want to get your body in the best shape for running you need to consume a proper diet. The right diet will give you that boost you need and will also help your body to heal from the wear and tear that it will experience. Include foods like almonds, eggs, sweet potato, whole grain cereal, oranges, mixed salads, fish, chicken and pasta.


Many newcomers to running are surprised to learn that there are running techniques to be learned. The tendency at first is to take big strides. This is an over stride.  Keep your strides compact. It goes a long way in helping to protect the negative impact on your heels.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can eliminate a warm up. In the beginning you are going to be super anxious to get yourself into the running action. You need to prepare your body each time you head off. A simple warm up is to walk before your run. Start off with a gentle walk then pick up the pace. Add some long strides to the walk. Some stretching helps to limber up the muscles. At the end of the run you should go through a cool down session. Going from the run to a brisk walk then a gentle walk. Followed by further stretches.


In the beginning the novice runner is going to experience some aches and pains.  Runners use different resources to help relieve this. Self massage with a foam roller is excellent for helping the body to recover after a run. Gradient compression clothing stabilises muscles and promotes increased blood flow for faster recovery and return to form.


There is no doubt you are going to want to push yourself. Which is okay but to a limit. If you over do it you will put unnecessary strain on your body. Plan a run for each day and increase the time consistently. Use your fitness watch like the Garmin 735xt as your guide. It will take the guesswork out of your progress and give you factual stats to rely on.

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